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We cast to coat

We undertake all aspects of casting so as to ensure the perfect finish – whether you are plating, polishing, painting or powder coating.

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Mars Drinks Gold Standard Award winners

Investment in continuous improvement pays off with industry award

Over the past three years BSC has invested heavily in shop floor infrastructure and in its continuous improvement plan.  At the centre of this investment was the introduction of an ERP solution which sought to bring the factory floor and the back office teams together so improving our ability to deliver to our customers needs and expectations.

Earlier this year BSC was awarded the prestigious Mars Drinks Gold Standard Award for Quality Performance during 2013.

The Gold Standard Award is given to highlight a supplier’s robust quality management systems combined with consistent quality conformance and delivery performance.

The criteria for the 2013-year award were:

1. Better-than-target parts per million rejected

2. Better-than-target on time in full delivery performance

3. A high level of customer service

The Gold Standard provides recognition of the fact that BSC as a supplier have helped Mars Drinks build quality excellence into their brands through capable supply.

Martin Pugh – Operations Director, said:

“We are very proud to work with Mars Drinks and to have won this award confirms that the hard work of BSC staff behind the scenes alongside our on-going investment is achieving the highest levels of customer service possible.”