Perfect casting – perfect finish

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We cast to coat

We undertake all aspects of casting so as to ensure the perfect finish – whether you are plating, polishing, painting or powder coating.

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Flying high with BSC

The client needed to create a heater block for coffee maker stands – a complicated task because the casting had integrated electrical pipework and water pipes coiled throughout the product. They had gone to various other diecasters throughout Europe without success.

BSC are proud to have the UK’s best designers, diecasters and engineers as well as the widest range of equipment available. With over 45 years’ experience, BSC excel in the most challenging products and are flexible enough to accommodate small or large runs.

BSC Diecasting created a suitable diecasting tool which delivered substantially improved results. The client has been delighted with the diecasting success, which has enabled them to make savings, reduce operational costs, and offer continuity of supply.