Perfect casting – perfect finish

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An ideal texture for an ideal finish

We lead the industry in terms of our ability to machine castings quickly, cost-effectively and to the highest standards.

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Secondary Operations

We cast & finish hundreds of thousands of items for a wide range of customers every year – The current industries served are Lighting, automotive, brewery, white goods, bathroom, industrial, architectural hardware & classic car to name a few. Our speciality is producing cost-effective Zinc & Aluminium Die Castings of the highest quality.

We have an established expertise in machining, and with our extensive range of CNC and conventional equipment we pride ourselves on our in-house capabilities.


In order to remove burrs, clean and degrease the casting and even the surfaces, we generally use a vibratory bowl with ceramic, plastic and/or liquids depending on the nature of the required finish. The chips keep the parts separate from each other and any waste whilst providing a gentle abrasive effect that removes extraneous parts. Our vibro room contains five bowls of varying sizes as well as all the required drying and heat treatment equipment.

Shot & Bead Blasting

Shot blasting and bead finishing give a smoother level of finish from what can be achieved using standard vibratory bowls. The size and material of bead can be adapted to suit the requirements of the finish, be it a fine satin or a variable texture. The result is an extremely durable and resilient product.

CNC Machining

Once the part is cleaned and smoothed, our CNC machining department readies the casting for coating. We have both 3 and 4 axis CNC machines in-house and a particular expertise in writing programmes for their operation. We run rigorous control inspections throughout every stage of the process to ensure the casting is in the perfect condition for coating.