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We are the best in the business when it comes coating zinc and aluminium.

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BSC is in a unique position of having its own finishing division in the form of associated companies. Midland Polishing and Plating Ltd & Global Metal Finishers Ltd both providing high quality, fast, efficient and cost effective polishing and plating solutions.

With over 45 years of experience specialising in all types of coating, we pride ourselves on our ability achieve a faultless BS Service Condition 3 standard – and to solve any coating dilemma. We have a complete understanding of all aspects of plating, painting and powder coating, enabling us to offer an unrivalled service.

Powder Coating

Perfect preparation is essential for a flawless powder coating. This starts with a blemish-free casting and continues through pre-treatments such as de-gassing and chromate coating. The powder coating procedure is not one size fits all – treatments and processes are tailored to meet your specific requirements. However, the essential ingredient is always the same – the experience and knowledge of the entire casting and coating process that only BSC can provide.

We offer the full range of thermosetting and thermoplastic powder coatings, from epoxy to polyurethane and polyester, and are as happy powder coating zinc as aluminium.

Polishing & Plating

Plating requires the most rigourous controls and procedures to achieve a perfect finish. Achieving a perfect casting free from cold flows and misruns is difficult in itself, but a plated casting must also have a surface that rasps to the touch to ensure strong bonding. This must be integrated into the tool design, although linishing may be required to refine some areas.

Once the copper plating is established, polishing may be required before and after the nickel coating as well as once the chrome is established. This enables us to achieve BS Service Condition 4 every time.

We offer every type of plating process and will chrome plate aluminium through the bondling process. Our artistry is best shown in our ability to chrome plate large zinc castings to BS Service Condition 4.

Wet Paint

We achieve the highest standards in wet paint finishing, resulting in exact colour matches and flawless surfaces across your production run. We use the latest spectrophotometry, application and curing technology to achieve the correct pigment and thickness with the strongest bond – so every casting is of the highest quality and durability.