Perfect casting – perfect finish

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A perfect finish

We specialise in the most complex finishing assignments, from zinc beer taps with perfect chrome plating to intricate powder coated aluminium toggles for handbags and perfume bottle tops.

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BSC is in a unique position of having its own finishing division in the form of associated companies. Midland Polishing and Plating Ltd & Global Metal Finishers Ltd both providing high quality, fast, efficient and cost effective polishing and plating solutions.

With the above associated facilities we are second to none when it comes to coating zinc and aluminium castings. With more than 45 years’ experience manufacturing the most demanding finishes, ours is a skill that cannot be replicated by machine or computer.

We refine every aspect of the casting and finishing process so that every component is properly prepared for the required coating – this is vital to achieving defect-free production. We design tools that produce an immaculate surface for coating; employ the finest machining techniques to hone the surface; and then utilise the most appropriate plating and coating materials to achieve an immaculate result.

With the full range of machining and coating equipment and our unparalleled knowledge of the finishing industry, we offer an exclusive service to companies that require perfection every time.