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A lasting impression

At BSC we know what it takes to achieve a perfect finished product – and it's all about having the perfect casting. That's why we have the UK's best designers, diecasters and engineers as well as the widest range of equipment.

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Zinc Diecastings

We do the largest coated zinc die castings in Europe, and this is the medium in which BSC truly established its mark on the diecasting world. We specialise in the most complex jobs and pride ourselves on castings with the most challenging coating requirements – particularly powder coating and plating.

The correct zinc alloy for your application will depend on a range of factors, from the size of the casting to the necessary level of heat and corrosion resistance. But by far the most important factor is the coating you require – if a casting doesn’t hold the powder or paint it doesn’t matter how strong or ductile it is.

We are a market leader in terms of the flexibility and breadth of zinc casting services we offer. With over 15 separate, dedicated machines ranging from 5t to 400t, we can produce castings from a few grams up to 4kg and 1.33 m2 without having to adapt any of our normal processes. That means you get higher quality with low reject rates in every production run.

Machine Range:
Frech 20t
Frech 60t
Frech 100t
Frech 200t
Frech 400t