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Beyond the Ordinary

Our lean manufacturing and production management techniques mean our service is slick, efficient and customer-focused – whether you require a run of 500 or 500,000.

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Budweiser tapWe pride ourselves on our ability to accommodate production runs of any size and any timescale. Thanks to the size of our foundry and the breadth of machinery we have in-house, we can accommodate short lead times and small minimum order quantities alongside long-running, lower cost operations – and always deliver the highest quality.

Our foundry operates 10 Aluminium die casting machines & 15 zinc die casting machines with locking forces ranging between 20 tonnes up to 900 tonnes & produces castings ranging in weight from 5gr to 8kg’s. Our secondary operation site includes 10 CNC machines, 18 hydraulic presses, air drillers/tappers, linishing & polishing, vibratory deburring, inspection CMM machine & shadowgraph. We also have our own in-house toolroom for servicing & maintaining the tooling. New tooling manufacturing routes include UK and China.

With our extensive range of equipment, we can implement complex production scheduling techniques, making us unique in our ability to accommodate short as well as long production runs. Because we can set up one machine whilst the other is operating, we can provide a short run service without disturbing or rescheduling the production runs of other clients. When time is of the essence our toolroom can even modify backplates and nozzles on tools so you don’t have to wait for new tools or inserts to be manufactured.

Our huge investment in new information systems means we can coordinate casting, CNC and finishing machinery to make production more efficient than ever before – saving you time and money on every order. Clients can access information on their run in real time and even integrate their production systems with ours, making inventory management effortless and communication seamless.