Perfect casting – perfect finish

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A lasting impression

At BSC we know what it takes to achieve a perfect finished product – and it's all about having the perfect casting. That's why we have the UK's best designers, diecasters and engineers as well as the widest range of equipment.

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Aluminium Diecastings

Since it was established BSC has grown to become one of the best-known names in aluminium pressure diecasting. We have a particular expertise in producing aluminium castings with exacting dimensional accuracy and a surface finish suitable for powder coating and wet paint requirements.

With our extensive knowledge of aluminium alloys and how they interact with the full range of surface coatings, we can advise during the design stage to identify which alloy is optimal – and most cost-effective – for your particular application. So whether you require the traditional LM-24 or the extra corrosion resistance and ductility of LM-6, you end up with a flawless finish every time.

Machine Range:
250t Buhler
280t LK
400t LK
400t Buhler
660t Buhler
900t Colosio