Perfect casting – perfect finish

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Casting the best

The key to a perfect finish is a perfect casting. This is where we lead the market.

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We like to say that perfect finish demands a perfect casting – and this is as much an art as a skill. We are the only UK pressure diecaster that strives for blemish-free production, and we benchmark all our castings to BS Service Condition 4. Every component at BSC is manufactured to these same high standards – whether it is ultimately to be powder coated, painted, plated or left nude.

Achieving perfection requires harmony between the tool design, equipment, caster and the countless other variables that affect a casting’s internal and external structure. If one item is not in balance then the casting will be substandard, and will be exposed when it comes to finishing.

The perfect casting starts with the design of the component. Seemingly insignificant changes can have a material effect on casting, resulting in higher quality production and lower cost manufacture. Once the component is optimised, the tool is designed with flow analyses of the wave structure so as to ensure it is completely filled. Any mistake, however small, will allow misruns or cold flows to mar the surface finish and cause porosity levels to increase, weakening the component’s structure and causing micropores or fissures to develop.

After more than 45 years we know what it takes to achieve the perfect casting. It’s having craftsmen with an innate understanding of the processes and the ability to get the most out of the highest quality equipment. That is why we’re the best in the business.