Perfect casting – perfect finish

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A Tradition of Innovation

BSC has a strong heritage stretching back more than 45 years. Today we are regarded as the experts in producing castings with an exceptional finish.

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Group Companies

Midland Polishing & Plating are specialists in Metal Polishing and Plating. Providing specialist services for metal polishing, electroplating, electrophoretic lacquer, plating on aluminium and antique finishes to Trade customers only.

Global Metal Finishers provide a high quality, fast, efficient and cost effective polishing and plating operation for a wide cross-section of components and parts, all operations being carried out to customers specifications. The companies’ reputation has provided continual growth to the extent that they are now one of the most respected operators in the United Kingdom.

J W Bonser  is a renowned supplier of high quality bathroom products snd is now fully incorporated in to BSC Diecasting And Finishing Limited.