Perfect casting – perfect finish

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A Tradition of Innovation

BSC has a strong heritage stretching back more than 45 years. Today we are regarded as the experts in producing castings with an exceptional finish.

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Morris Cooper BadgeFounded in 1973, BSC pioneered the idea of a one-stop-shop to service the UK’s burgeoning zinc and aluminium pressure diecasting industry. By the late 1980s we had established ourselves as one of the country’s leading diecasting companies, and one of the few capable of handling all sizes and shapes of casting.

Early on we developed an expertise in the manufacture of increasingly large and intricate zinc beer taps. These taps required a blemish-free surface and a perfect chrome finish across a large casting. Achieving this difficult task required a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of toolmaking and casting together with state-of-the-art equipment, in particular a 400te zinc press. To this day BSC is one of the few UK companies that processes a machine of this size, and we are proud to be able to produce the largest coated zinc castings in Europe. Over the years this expertise has extended to aluminium and smaller castings.

We have since become known for excellence at every stage in the casting process, from consultancy and tool design to production and finishing. We are acknowledged as the industry leaders in producing the perfect castings required for flawless powder coated, painted and plated finishes.